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This language learning site is dedicated to the "World Traveler" for fast easy help and to the "Serious Student" for life long results

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This language learning method is based on three simple ideas:
  • You already know a language, you need to learn substitute words in a new language.
  • You need to hear foreign words pronounced by a native speaker and a way to practice the words to remember them.
  • The words you choose to learn first will dramatically improve your ability to communicate quickly in a new language.

Instead of teaching you meaningless phrases or from like you were a child learning a language for the first time, the World Word Exchange will teach you the basic sentence words you need to make and understand phrases. A Virtual Teacher tracks your progress and tests you on the words you got wrong, while giving you simple ideas to help learn fast. I invite you to experience what I have discovered using the World Word Exchange method: With just one week of practice, you can learn enough to communicate effectively in any language!

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Brian Thomas

I am ready to begin

The purpose of the WORLD WORD EXCHANGE is to teach you to speak and understand a new language as fast as possible. Grammar is also addressed. Some languages speak "my house". Others speak "house my". Either way you will be understood. Quick communication is the goal. Proper grammar will follow with word recognition and is explained on the grammar page. The interesting thing about grammar is how fast you will sacrifice your own grammar when talking to a person who, is speaking your language as a second language. With broken grammar and speaking very simple it will be easier for you to understand and communicate. Also the words taught here are used commonly. For example formal words for body parts and functions etc. are not in everyday use. The phonetic spelling is done simple and without pronunciation marks. Translation is dependent on the intent or meaning of the word, that's why words of the same meaning are grouped. Also opposite words are listed together to make it easier to learn.


If you follow the rules you will learn very fast. They are simple.

First you study the words, click on word to listen, practice the phonetic or foreign spelling in the text box. Sorry, there is no correct way to spell from foreign alphabets into other foreign words. Because the sounds can be very different from your own language you have to make clues to remember them. You make the clue to help you remember the word. What does the word sound like in your language? The clue does not have to be true or make sense. Whatever the sound reminds you of. It can rhyme or not as long as it helps you remember how to say the word. The clue you make up will help you connect the word to the spelling and sound. Spelling in most languages gives little understanding for pronunciation. Also you must be willing to make sounds you have never made before. Pay close attention to the sounds and pronunciation, they are critical. Some languages accent the first part of the word. Other languages accent the last part of the word. This is also a critical difference. The most important practice method is to say the word in your mind or out loud before you listen or write it. DO THIS EVERY TIME.

After you study the words, play the guessing game. A word will come up, you have eight choices to match the word to. Look only at the word in your language and try to remember the spelling and sound before looking at the choices. DO THIS EVERY TIME. As you play a pop quiz from your teacher will appear to challenge you with the words you got wrong. It is recommended that you study the first five lessons to give you a basic understanding of sentence words first. After that you can skip around anywhere you like or make your own lessons. Practice using each word in a sentence. It is very important to continue to review the word sounds long after you know the words for perfect pronunciations. The secret to quick word memory is to link the word, sound and text to the clue you made, together in your mind.

Remember speaking another language is not difficult, it is only different. I know you will find it fun and exciting to speak and understand new languages.

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